This system is designed to mark on the surface of cold/hot profiles both at standstill or “on the fly”

GP produces a wide range of high performance paint / ink marking systems for hot and cold metal products (up to 1100°C), able to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of good readability, fast marking, reliability, limited maintenance.

This system is designed to mark on the surface of cold/hot profiles both at standstill or “on the fly”; the characters are defined by a matrix of paint dots (basically 7, 9, 12, 16 dots in height) sprayed by a set of spray nozzles handled by a six axes robot or by an electromechanical manipulator. This solution is recommended for marking profiles on the side or upper surface.
The markings are very well readable also from distance. The system assures excellent reliability, long time duration, limited maintenance and low operational costs. Water base paints can be used in both hot and cold applications, reducing the environmental impact. A good resistance in outdoor conditions assures a long storage in the stockyard. Suitable protection fences are available for operator safety and for protecting the machine from the harsh environment.

Main Marking features:

• Cold and Hot application up to 900 °C
• Marking position: typically on the side and upper surface
• Marking profiles at standstill or on the fly
• One or more lines, straight, min. character size 30 / 150 mm
• Symbols: letters, numbers (standard or OCR fonts), special characters, logos, 2D codes

Functional features:

• Automatic detection of profile position (centering device)
• Anti-clogging system with recirculation system
• Automatic cleaning system
• Many parameters can be adjusted / selected by the operator via Control Unit, f.i.: Characters dimension (width, compression, height)
• Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial field bus)

Optional functions:

• Laser detector to detect the profile end
• Using 2D codes and / or OCR fonts, markings can be automatically read by our AURS system (combined marking / reading function to achieve automatic tracking of profiles)
• Air blade or brushes to clean the surface before the marking
• Encoder to verify the speed of sections
• Pinch rolls if the profile moves along the rollers


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