GP is able to propose a wide range of marking machines for the hot cast products.

They are based on the SPRAY technology, consisting of a movable nozzle which sprays a special metal powder or melted wire to write the symbols, which appear bright and very well-defined, as handwritten. The nozzle is moved by a robot or by an X-Y plotter.
Typical applications are for slabs, blooms, billets up to 1200 °C, key features are the excellent reliability and readability of the characters also from long distance (i.e. from the crane cabin).
If scale is present on the surface, before marking it must be removed by a descaling unit.

Main Marking features:

• Hot application up to 1200 °C
• Marking position: on the front or on the long side face
• One or more lines, min. character height 60 mm
• Symbols: letters, numbers, special characters (logos)
• Standard or OCR fonts
• Possibility to include a descaler if the surface present scale

Functional features:

Automatic detection of product size and position (centering device)
• No clamps required
• Many parameters can be adjusted / selected by the operator via Control
• Unit, f.i.: characters dimension (width, compression, height)
• Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial field bus)

Optional function:

• High pressure water descaler
• Mechanical descaler
• automatic detection of the product dimension and position (centering device)
• Possibility to integrate with an inspection or shape detection camera
• Using OCR fonts, markings can be automatically read by our AURS system (combined marking / reading function to achieve automatic tracking of billets)

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